How It All Works

If you are thinking about vesting your hopes in, you probably want to know more about the process of delivering custom writing help here. You need an explanation why us and not any other company – right? Well, we are glad to give you the details!

Here is how it all goes:

  1. A customer submits the order that contains all paper details. We ask our customers to provide all the information they have about a certain paper. This way, writers know what exactly a customer needs and can meet their requirements in full.
  2. When the order has been submitted and the payment made, we start processing it. In our terminology, ‘processing’ means taking a careful look at your paper requirements, submitting them to our database and using filters to find the writers who are the best match to work on your order. The best one will be selected depending on the availability and the ability to finish as soon as you need it.
  3. When the writer has been selected, we assign your order to him or her. This is when the actual work begins. The writer informs us on his or her schedule and plans the time allocated for order fulfillment. Time scheduling is an essential part of the process since it helps us prevent any deadline tampering.
  4. Once everything is planned and scheduled, it is time to get down to research. The writer defines the relevant sources (in the number you have specified in the ordering form) and goes through them to find the information to include in your paper. When all the sources have been studied, the first draft is being developed. You can easily get access to this draft and decide whether it works for you.
  5. We can omit the entire process of paper writing – you are familiar with its main stages. You can participate in it or you can stay away – whatever works better for you. is all about the customer and satisfying his needs at the highest possible level.
  6. When the paper is finished, it is checked for plagiarism and sent to the customer (provided its originality has been proven). If there is something to fix in there, we provide free revisions.

This, in essence, is all there is to ordering papers from We hope we have answered your questions. If not, give us a call!

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